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Pond A Hermit Goes Outside

The kids are away this week and maybe even the one following that, so I am taking advantage of the time alone and keeping my mind off missing them by staying busy. I have completely dismantled their rooms in a spring cleaning-like frenzy. I have aired out mattresses and dusted ceilings, changed light bulbs and washed walls, filled holes and organized twig and bone collections according to tree species and animal family. And, not to brag, but this dog hasn’t shit in the house in like 3 days 1 day 4 hours. It’s like I’m a dog-training wizard or something. I should have a show.

I miss N and S of course, but the past few days have been nice. It feels like I am on vacation in my own house and if I want to eat Buffalo chicken dip and watch Sharknado 2 in my underwear no one is here to tell me I can’t, or that it’s improper, or that I’m scaring their friends, please Mommy you’re scaring Zachary and he’s supposed to have a sleep-over!

There has also been the opportunity to spend some time in the fresh air. Normally the kids walk the dog and she needs to get out a few times a day so I’ve been walking her in their absence. Of course this means I have to go outside. You know; where all the nature is. It turns out there is a whole lot of nature where I live, and also colourful plants called “flowers,” and something called a “walking trail.”

This is a big deal to someone who identifies primarily as a hermit. There are people out there! They sometimes smile at you and say “What a cute dog!” which I am mostly okay with except when I’m not and then I talk to them anyway but I feel itchy and want to come home right away and eat Buffalo chicken dip. But for the most part I am left alone and no one has yet asked me to buy more granola bars or wash their hoodie or go pick up Zachary for a sleepover.

Outside seems pretty cool. Now, I’ve always had a basic understanding of the day/night cycle,  but did you know there is a huge ball of fire in the sky which emits light and also warms the skin and makes me feel happy? I am liking it outside! See you on the trail.

Walking Trail A Hermit Goes Outside

While I was inside this week I wrote some other things, my most favourite of which was a piece about breast cancer at Life in Pleasantville. Not that breast cancer is my favourite, but rather that the post was fun…er, the topic was…you know what? Just read it. It’s about breast cancer awareness and how small changes can make a difference in cutting your risk. Somethings we can’t control, like age (shit) or maybe aren’t fun, like cutting alcohol consumption (whut?) but have a read anyway:

Birthday Cake A Hermit Goes Outside



  • http://jackstrawlane.com/ Katja Wulfers

    Welcome to the outdoors. :)

    • Jeni M

      It’s scary out here sometimes. ;)

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