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The kids have been home for just two weeks and it’s been a strange sort of summer so far. We’ve already done a few trips – including riding in giant water-filled orbs and off-roading in adventure buggies – but the teenager has a job this year and my ten year-old is having what can only be described as a serious hunger management issue.

The jist of it all is that I spend most of my waking hours driving places, washing dishes, and explaining that no, you cannot plug a crock pot into the car lighter so it stays hot why we drive your sister to work. If his legs really are hollow (as I suspect,) I will need a second mortgage to feed this kid into his teen years or until he runs away to become a blacksmith’s apprentice.

How is is possible that someone who weighs less than 70 pounds can put away close to that in food every day? It doesn’t make sense, and if anyone has a line on home tapeworm testing kits that don’t interlude the instructions “Get a flashlight and explore the anal area” then I am all ears.

As for the dog. Well. Thank god for her. I really enjoy having her here, as do the kids, especially my son who she helps keep busy. (And he hasn’t tried to eat her yet.)

Although, true be told, his nickname for her of “Baby Girl” makes me cringe and I’m concerned for his dating future if this habit remains. She seems to like us well enough, although if you hear about any unexplained damage to my family’s home or their persons, you may want to point to this, which I put here mostly so I have a record; a blog is the equivalent to mailing yourself a registered letter in 1995:

Princess Harlow Dog Daze of Summer

As an update to the job search bitch and moan post a few weeks ago, I’m fairly busy now. It’s a good busy, but a “could use more” busy so keep your positive thoughts coming if you’re so inclined. Luckily I work with some amazing editors and publication owners and every single day I get up ready and excited about what the day will bring.

Here are a few recent articles I’ve written and I’d love it if you checked them out: I am a new contributor at Life in Pleasantville, aptly name by the lovely Candace Derickx. This week I did some research (see: watched movies and laughed my ass off covered in potato chip crumbs) for a list of Must-See Summer Movies. Click the image to read the posts, and please leave me a comment if you think I’ve left a good one out.

15 Summer Movies Dog Daze of Summer

I’m also talking teens at YummyMummyClub.ca where I write Panic Button Years – a weekly column on topics revolving around raising a teenager. Good times, right parents? Hahaha – I’m kidding they’re mostly horrible. (wink)

Click image to read here about following your kids on social media, and why I (sorta) don’t.

Follow Your Kids Social Media Dog Daze of Summer

  • http://www.temperedwithkindness.com/ SLFarnam

    This is a very happy-maiking update!

    The dog… in a tiara… and a wig… of pink…


    I am reading and sharing you here, there and everywhere. I am thinking about a Fan Club. I have ideas for names. The Irritables! Huh? Huh? Or the ‘HI’ Achievers! Ehhh?

    You just mull that over. No need to decide now. :>

    • Jeni M

      I’m going to sleep on it, but I sure like the idea. ;)

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