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My kids were both born with  a strong desire for air, breast-milk, clean dry surroundings, and a dog. It’s probably the one thing that unites them across the sex and age gap as well as being what sets me farthest apart from them. I never wanted a dog. What do dogs do? The only thing worse than a dog is a cat, and that’s not saying much. Dogs are basically smelly shit-machines as far as I was concerned. Plus, if it can’t eat from a drive-thru window then it probably won’t prosper here.

I should also say that I am a worrier. When I hear hoof beats, I don’t think horses. I don’t even think zebras. I think wild, suburbs roaming packs of flesh-eating bacteria with legs – legs shod with iron soles meant to kick your ass and give you tetanus. That’s my process, and all I can say about that is thinking this way has kept me safe for years so IT’S WORKING.

The point of all that is that having a dog in this house would create a new dynamic in which I have yet another thing to care for, worry about, be legally obligated to. To say I resisted getting a dog is an understatement and shortly before we picked the new dog up, I was sure that although I would probably like it well enough, it wouldn’t love it love it. I mean, it’s a dog. I called it an it. This explains everything.

Except it’s a little different than that now. It sort of happened this way:

Dog Person Evolution of a Dog Person

Because, hello? This:

Puppy Sleeping Evolution of a Dog Person

  • http://www.temperedwithkindness.com/ SLFarnam

    Sooo cute!!

    I think she’s lucky to have you. :)

    • Jeni M

      Thank you! :)

  • http://myunwrittenlife.com/ Brandy

    Oh my! That face! Too adorable.

    • Jeni M

      It’s the face that gets her out of most trouble. ;)

  • Heather

    Awww, she’s too cute! I was raised with both cats and dogs and now we have a 6 month puppy and 2-almost two year old cats. Sometimes the amount of fur covering my house makes me think I’m nuts and then my fur babies snuggle in and my heart bursts…lol <3

    • Jeni M

      I can feel my staunch anti-cat resolve wavering also. OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?

  • http://playgroundconfidential.com/ Rebecca

    Better you than me. I mean, happy for you guys!

  • Pam Dillon

    Hooray for you! I have found that the unconditional adoration is pretty appealing when your humanoids are being less than stellar.

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