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Boy and His Dog Drawing1 Hell just froze over

It seems hell just froze over.

In other news, we are getting a dog.

(To be fair there was no “first” news posted here which would indicate what is to follow actually counts as “other” news, but you’ve probably got a lot going on in your life which makes anything I say count as “other” news. It also means I couldn’t think of a good lede.)

I’m not sure if it’s due to a momentary lapse in reason, or a half-forgotten promise after a few glasses of wine, or guilt, or an undiagnosed head injury, but the end result is that by Saturday afternoon of this week I will be standing in the frozen tundra nursing a headache caused by attempting to make a small puppy pee using only my (admittedly limited) mental powers.

She’s a cutie, I’ll give you that, but I’ve made it clear to my children that she is a shared responsibility. (I am fully aware this will probably happen.) The 15 year-old jaded teenager in this house cried when we told her she was finally – FINALLY – getting a dog, although she’ll deny that and tell you it was hairspray in her eyes. She’s wanted a dog since she was old enough to know what a dog was, and my 9 year-old son loves anything covered in fur.

She is unnamed as of yet, a 13 week-old 3/4 pug 1/4 French Bulldog who still lives with both of her parents and one brother. The guilt at taking her from her mom and dad is affecting me more than I care to admit, which is surprising considering I am generally a terrible person.

Dog Hell just froze over

dog2 Hell just froze over

She should be a good match for us, because according to first-person owner accounts and stacks of puppy literature both pugs and bulldogs are good house pets for mellow families who aren’t very active. If this dog likes cheese-based foods and Will Ferrell movies, it’s gonna be a love match.

  • http://just-mum.blogspot.ca/ Jessica @ Just a Mum?

    She’s gorgeous! If I had any intention of ever (EVER) getting a dog, I’d be looking for one like this. Good luck with the pee thing. ;)

  • Lea Ann

    Oh boy! We did this last summer, with much smaller children (Noah, 6 and Ruby, 4) and a much bigger dog. I was finally taking a break from a heavy career and decided that I had to push all my living into that summer and that included getting the dog that we have always dreamed of. I will say that Maggie is a coyote-sized (now) ball of love and she has also added much mayhem to our home. The kids love her but our daughter Ruby still is in the phase of teasing her with her beloved Blue Blankie a LOT. I am waiting for BB to meet his/her likely demise at the teeth of Maggie and that will end. We also have 2 cats and 2 fish, so it feels like a lot of living beings depending upon me for their lives, but hey, what is one more? More fun, more love, and more work : )

    Good luck and many puppy kisses!

  • souphead

    she’s adorable. mazel tov on the new addition! :)

  • http://speedskatingmom.com Sharon

    OHMYGOD I am going to come over and visit her and pet her and cuddle her and love her and then I’m going to leave and let you clean up the poop. It’s the dog I’ve always wanted.

  • Chantal

    You are so NOT a terrible person ;) Cute doglet!

  • http://myunwrittenlife.com/ Brandy

    Oh my goodness, she is adorable! I really want another dog. Ours is turning 13 in September. She is a 6lbs ball of fur – a cockapoo (cocker spaniel poodle mix and the poodle in her is toy). The husband keeps refusing to get another dog by saying that our Willow is enough dog for us. If I were to get another though I would love to get a pug. They are so cute.

    Congratulations on the new addition! You won’t regret your decision.

  • http://www.idontblog.ca Alex

    Awww, cutest little thing, ever.

    Our puppy turned one year old last week, and we got her at 3 months of age. You know what that means? It’s been 9 whole months of me cleaning up pee and poo off my floors. HAVE FUN!

  • http://Www.katwasabi.com Kat

    I’ve acquired two puppies in the last few months. Guilt is a powerful motivator, almost as good as chocolate and wine. Good luck with the night whining :/

  • http://thecrookedstamper.blogspot.com leslie (crookedstamper)

    She is adorable! A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!!!

  • http://www.anayforanay.com Nay.

    She’s absolutely lovely!

  • http://www.temperedwithkindness.com Peady

    You know what I see? I see a real life sit’i’ation where exercise is required. :D Oh yes! WINNING!

    She is completely “SQUEE!” worthy. I am not surprised your daughter cried, because puppies are *so* not BS!

    I have heard this is a really nice breed. I’d love a dog. I just need a yard first!

    Do me a solid.. when you get her, give her a little scritchy-scritch from me, okay?

  • http://injaynesworld.blogspot.com injaynesworld

    Congratulations! The unconditional love is worth all the puppy pee. Do get her plenty of good chew sticks though. My chair legs still bear the teethmarks of my Dixie when she was a puppy.

  • http://www.latenightplays.com Louise

    I’ll be following you to crazy town this fall. We can have doggie play dates in the burbs. xo

  • http://inastateofmotion.wordpress.com/ Kira

    Aw, congratulations. I’m not much of a dog person, but that is one cute pup, for sure. How’s it going so far?

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