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Puppy in the Grass Are Dog Rabbit Hybrids a Thing?

I knew when we decided to buy the kids a puppy that it would necessitate becoming more active. For me, mostly. N is already on his feet 18 hours a day because there are things to be discovered and taken apart and smashed and then duct-taped back together and S is always walking either to or from the mall. I work from home in a primarily seated position unless I happen to be curled up under my desk during one of my weekly self-pity crying jags. I’M FINE, SERIOUSLY.

The deal was that the kids would be primarily responsible for taking the dog for walks. Although Harlow is (reportedly) a pug/French bulldog cross (a “Frug” if you’re playing the “let’s make up cute names for mutts so we can sell ‘em for more monies” game) and these breeds supposedly don’t require as much exercise as larger dogs, I still like to get her out a few times a day. She’s happier, and in turn doesn’t eat too many of our shoes and reduces her indoor shitting by up to 75%. So I get her out midday when the kids are at school, but during summer vacation they have been doing it.

N hadn’t seen Harlow on her afternoon walks that often until now, and I don’t think he realized exactly how much energy she has right after lunch. Last week he accidentally dropped her leash in the yard and he was… well, I think he’s finally met his match, energy-wise.

Also, I think she may be part jackrabbit. If you have knowledge of such creatures, please advise.

(Sorry for the upright view; I grabbed my phone as soon as N started chasing her and I forgot to flip it. Also sorry about my laugh. I’m seeing a laugh coach.)

  • Robin Nowak

    admittedly I’ve been addicted to Facebook for a really long time (judging by the Boy’s somewhat older appearance) and haven’t been perusing blogs like I used to. I feel oddly disconnected.
    Anyway, I’m back. Closer to you by a lot of miles (moved from Texas to Michigan during the Winter Vortex vortex vortex…) and have missed reading what you’ve gotten yourself into.
    Glad you have a dog for the Boy. He needs the dog. The dog needs him.
    Good for you!!!

  • http://jackstrawlane.com/ Katja Wulfers

    She’s at least 1/4 jackrabbit judging by this.. N looks exhausted.

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