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For Easter this year we had dinner on Saturday night with some family and friends.  I went prepared and wore my special ‘turkey eating’ pants and doubled up my blood pressure meds, so I could really get my money’s worth show appreciation for the generous offered bounty. I ate my special secret breakfast which adequately stretches my stomach capacity and ensures a raging hunger come dinner time to allow for maximum intake. I’d love to tell you about it, but it’s a complicated science, involving protein to carbohydrate ratios and amino acid percentages…you get the idea. My sister and I have spent years analysing formulas, losing and gaining (mostly gaining) pounds in the quest for perfection. I may not be able to figure out my age without a calendar or calculate a tip on a $10 check, but if the world was going to explode in T minus 30 and the only solution lay under a 100 foot high column of gravy topped mashed potatoes, I’m your gal.  

Because I consider it a personal defeat to leave festivities while there is still meat on a carcass, we didn’t leave until it was quite late. When we got home I was ready to fall into the sweet abyss of a baked ham and turkey coma, but remembered that I hadn’t yet hidden the Easter eggs. The kids were still awake at 9:30pm and my choices were getting more limited as the night went on. I had two viable options, as far as I could tell:

  1. Put all the eggs under the middle couch cushion.
  2. Do some Tequila shots to induce short-term memory loss, thereby ensuring a fun morning hunt for everyone.

I also had to consider the fact that my kids are getting pretty savvy and I may need to take it up a notch. It’s no fun just turning over pillows or discovering eggs in all of the easy reach drawers.

But next year I need to start the hiding eggs bit earlier. I was up to my elbows in water, taping a Ziploc bag with an egg inside it to the bottom of the toilet tank when I was almost busted by a 6-year-old making a middle of the night bathroom visit.

I was able to recover though, by pretending I was just putting the vodka back.

  • Sheri


  • http://www.mypajamadays.com Emily

    At least you remembered! I spilled the beans this year, exposing not only the Easter Bunny but Santa too. We’ve lost a little piece of childhood this year.

  • Rod

    “putting the vodka back” you rock.

  • Bonnie Duimstra

    Lovin’ that one, Jenny – especially the last line!

  • Bonnie Duimstra

    Oops – sorry – Jeni!

  • Debbie

    I thought it was tequila you were drinking. ;=)

  • Lisa B

    I got lucky this year. My boys were at their Dad’s. I had all weekend to hide, unhide, eat and rehide eggs as I saw fit. Early morning, late afternoon, evening. I ate, and then rehid, even rebought eggs after I realized I had ‘unhid’ too many.

  • http://www.gooddayregularpeople.com Alexandra

    The magic of all this…

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