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Parenting is – for the most part – a pretty sweet deal. You get the privilege of watching someone grow from a fluid spewing flesh log into a mature, grown adult human who will eventually move out of your house. Then you’re allowed to take credit for all their lovely qualities while blaming the crappy ones on the other side of the family.

Being responsible for the life of another person is work, and no one makes it through their child’s young years without a few choice horror stories. Broken bones, stolen bikes, dead pets, health concerns, and serious disappointments are going to happen, so best make your peace with it. But you’re not alone; people you see everyday who seem to have it all together -  co-workers, people you follow on Twitter, that lady in the bank who doesn’t have a hair out-of-place at 4pm – if those people are parents I guarantee they too have caught vomit in their bare hands to save the carpet. Each stage of childhood and adolescence has their own set of pros and cons and you should know that sometimes things lean so heavily to the “con” side they walk in circles.

Preparation is key, and so I’ve designed an easy-to-follow guide to the Divine Comedy of Parenting, because no one who has children will escape the inner ring.

Nine Circles Parenting Hell The Nine Circles of Parenting Hell

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    Number 6. Oh gawd! Yuck! Yes.

    Hah! So far no hamsters!

    Oh shoot!! I hope I didn’t just jinx myself! : |

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