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bad school photos Tip Thursday: School Picture Day

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School has been back in swing for weeks now, and in our region, the school photographer is making the rounds. Every year my children head off to school looking reasonably tidy, with me waving good-bye and knowing that this year?

This will be the year they hit the mark.

A few weeks later they’ll pull crisp white envelopes out of  their backpacks and proudly show me their school photos.

Photos I paid for.

And this year? This year will not be the year.

So in the interest of preventing our children from becoming a horrible Facebook meme, I’ve prepared some school photo tips for this Tip Thursday:

  1. Write the date down as soon as you receive notice. I can’t tell you the number of times my son has been photographed in a skull and cross-bones bathing suit simply because I didn’t mark the date on the calendar. (Note: Three.)
  2. Practice photo poses at home. Showing your child how to smile at a stranger may not keep him safe on the playground, but it’ll pay off come Christmas card season.
  3. Send a tidy lunch. Picture Day is no time for marinara meatball surprise in the thermos, parents. Keep it dry and keep it tidy. Crumble free crackers or soft pieces of bread are a good bet. Actually, it may be best to “forget” to pack your child a lunch altogether that day. Offer a big breakfast instead. Bonus: gaunt, pale cheeks in photos are flattering to all body types.
  4. I’m a firm believer of the “If you’re not the worst, then you’re pretty much almost sorta the best” principle. It works like this: if in a class of say, 25 kids, mine aren’t wearing the most unmatched patterns, have the most unkempt hair, or sport the most mustard on their t-shirts, we’re in the clear. No one’s gonna remember my son as being the standout if another kid in that year’s picture is missing one sleeve of his hoodie and he looks like he’s been crying because his lunch was stolen.
  5. Before children assemble for pictures, sign in at school as snack-parent. Find your child’s locker, then move two lockers to the right. In that locker you will no doubt find school gear including a hoodie and a lunch box. Tear one sleeve off the hoodie, and steal the lunch box. Pro tip: hoodie sleeve can be used to wipe down fingerprints left at scene.
  6. If you’re lucky and your school offers a green screen “choose your own background” option, request “pig pen” or “mud pit.” This will pre-emptively quell the “What the hell is on his face?” questions you’ll no doubt get from well-meaning relatives who clearly never had male children.

Finally, if – despite all your best efforts to starve, vandalize, and bribe your way to successful photos – cherish the ones you get. They’re a clear snapshot of who your child was that day. If that means he or she is wearing a superhero themed pajama top, mismatched bedroom sneakers, and a hat they took from the bowling alley lost-n-found, then so be it.

Unlike the hat, the photo won’t smell like beer and urinal cakes. 

  • Sheri

    Too funny Jeni! I’ll have to file this away for next year, we already have our pics.

  • http://sadderbutwiser.wordpress.com The Sadder But Wiser Girl

    HA HA! Great plans! I will have to remember these! :-)

    Somehow my son always manages to remain clean for school pictures. It’s a small school-maybe they have some sort of kid wash they send them through prior to the pictures? I do write down the date as soon as I find out, because if I don’t I WILL forget, and my son will never remember to remind me!

  • http://masalachica.wordpress.com Masala Chica

    I love your tips but it doesn’t take away the scars I still have from some of the scary ass school photos of my youth. This just brought it all back to me.

    Oh and one to note? Moms, if you daughter is like 13 years old and has upper lip hair, for Pete’s sake just let her freaking wax it. My 7th grade picture still makes me cry.


    • http://highlyirritable.wordpress.com Jeni

      Agreed. When my DD wanted her eyebrows done at 12, I said fine. No use letting her feel bad about it. (And she’s half-Italian, so she should get used to having to do it for the rest of her life.) ;)

  • http://ironicmom.wordpress.com Leanne Shirtliffe

    This was the first year neither of my twins needed retakes. I think I found the solution: lower your expectations.

    Love the post. And that pic!

    • http://highlyirritable.wordpress.com Jeni

      “Lower your expectations” is my new parenting motto.

      • http://charlotteroseblog.wordpress.com charlotterose

        I like it. From now on, that is my parenting motto too. It used to be “Nothing is worth losing your piece of mind over”. But ‘Lower your expectations” makes that redundant. Now when I spot my one year old with his arms in the toilet up to his elbows, he will be doing exactly as I expected and I shall remain calm. Thank you!
        Good luck with photo day. And thank you for the tips!

  • http://unskilledperfectionist.wordpress.com Unskilled Perfectionist

    One more tip: don’t dress kids in layers on picture day. My son got hot, took off his sweater and later posed for his school picture in an old white t-shirt with a toothpaste stain on it!

  • http://jackstrawlanedotcom.wordpress.com Katja

    My son doesn’t believe in combs. He rocks the surfer look – although some call it bedhead.

    • http://highlyirritable.wordpress.com Jeni

      Only the cool kids can rock a bedhead. :)

  • http://http//annesfunnyfarm.blogspot.com Anne Kimball

    Hi Jeni, I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (http://annesfunnyfarm.blogspot.com), and I’m visiting from Finding the Funny.

    I love parents who really “get” kids. This was hysterical. Although you forgot to mention the pointer of hiding the scissors at least one month prior to picture day so you dtr doesn’t attempt to cut her bangs!

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. I hope you can pop by my blog sometime to say hi…

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