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Moving Your Blog From Wordpress1 Unpacking

I’m moving from a wordpress.com site to my own self-hosted site and it’s likely I’m currently either:

a.) drunk or getting there;

b.) pulling out my hair in frustration; or

c.) engaged in some ugly-cry combination of both.

I’ll probably delete this post once all the wrinkles are ironed out or I figure out what the hell ‘css” is and where the hell all my blog followers went. Until then, sit back and enjoy the mess. Because css coding can’t be that hard to learn from scratch in a weekend, right?

I don’t even know if you can read this, so maybe I’m really trapped in some fourth dimension somewhere. I don’t smell burnt toast, so things can’t be that bad. Either way, I’m using this whole moving thing as an excuse to eat pizza for the next week.

(If you can actually read this, I’d love it if you could make a quick comment so I can make sure that’s working. I asked Chris to do it, but as enticing as his “There once was a man from Nantucket” comment offer was, I’d like to keep this site PG. Or at least a mild “R.”


  • Stacey

    Reading you loud and clear

  • Adam

    It works!

  • Suzy Q

    I don’t understand css, either. It’s too newfangled for me.

  • Aileen

    I can read it! Good luck with the move.

  • http://www.suburbanhaiku.com Peyton Price

    I can see! I can \<~#p

    Jk I typed that.

  • http://www.jackstrawlane.com Katja

    Hickory dickory dock … did you say PG?

  • http://www.annaleawest.com Anna

    Seems to be working! Good luck :)

  • Dave

    I can read it!

  • Jen

    Jenny, you are awesome.

  • Jen

    Sorry – I spelled your name wrong.

  • Sheri

    Lol Jeni, hope you are all well!

  • KimAZ

    I have no idea what css coding is. You’re obviously really smart. Hope the moving pains are short-lived.

  • http://facebook.com/angeliquemarieangel Angelique Marie

    No need to rip your hair out! I can read it :-)….and I’ve always been curious…..what ever happened to the man from Nantucket? ;-P

  • SnoopyLover9

    Read the moving post!

  • http://dayinthelifeoftaz.wordpress.com Rhonda

    Looks good Jeni!

  • julie

    Hi, looking good.

  • jen

    hi! commenting:)

  • Nikki

    Yay! It worked, although I can’t see other any comments…..

  • Bonnie Duimstra

    No idea what css coding is, Jeni – but I could read what you wrote up above there just fine!!

  • Jeni

    You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. I still had to go in an manually approve your comments, so there are a few glitches. But still; thank you all so much! :)

  • Ra-chan

    Hmmm, mild “R” rating you say? bwa ha ha.

  • Susan

    Looks good!

  • Marie

    I’m seeing you just fine!

  • Angie

    G’day Jeni, (we don’t really say that here in Australia, just thought I’d be a dick)

    Anyhoo, Hi!!!
    So damn happy I found you months ago while looking for Minecraft inspiration…yes, I’m still alive AND well.

    I love your work and your priceless wit and, as much as I hate to admit it, I am a Dreamer. Capital d there. I’m trying as hard as I can to don the black t but I just love pink sooo much.

    This is my first ever blog reply and I’m very happy indeed to be taken off the virginal status board with you, dearest Jeni.

    ooo ooo, hold on a sec, parcel delivery!
    Don’t you just love the stress of it all!?

    Fucking, bloody bitches!!! Mailed to 18 not 16, returned to P.O then back to me. Thank goodness for our neighbourly strangers down the road.
    Ahh, must be all that positive thinking…

    BIG HUG to you and definitely some magic fingers around the shoulders and neck.

    I’m off to smell some roses (probably get stung buy a bee!) See, my t-shirt’s turning blink already


  • http://absolutelyprabulous.com Absolutely Prabulous

    So glad I stumbled across your site partly because you make me laugh, partly because I’m so relieved it’s not just me (yeah…I’m selfish like that) who breaks out in a rash at the mere thought of CSbloodyS and WordPress and all that jazz. And yes, I can see your site just fine.

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